Long Distance Flight! =)

On October 29th, 2013 by Matthias in News

It is October, and many balloonists are talking about the end of the season. Well, not us, that’s for sure! :-D

On Saturday, October 26th, weather was just perfect for a long distance flight along the Alps: Calm on the ground and speedy winds at altitude. So, we met at Seeg (near Füssen) with our friend Thomas, prepared our balloon with some extra tanks of propane and took off at 14 o’clock local time.

Within the next four hours, winds up to 30 knots took us along the northern edge of the Alps, over the towns of Murnau, Penzberg and Bad Tölz, past lake Tegernsee and the river Inn. Finally, we decended with the setting sun towards a large field near Lauterbach (Rosenheim), where we had a calm and perfect landing. Altogether, we covered a distance of 130 kilometers!

I think the pictures just speak for themselves… :)